Texas Hill Country

Wedding and Event Venue




Texas Hill Country

Wedding and Event Venue

Welcome to Two Streams One Heart, the Texas equine ranch in where events and weddings become immersive experiences. Whether you're seeking an escape or a celebration, the ranch will always leave you feeling transformed. 



Nature Meets Luxury

People often say to us,

“It feels so good to be out here.” 

And we get it. When the streams ripple and tree branches sway with a gentle breeze, it feels as if love and goodness radiate from the very ground itself. Positive energy abounds, bouncing from one person to the next, forever connecting you with the ones with whom you share this experience. Meanwhile, majestic horses look sagely on, instilling you with a sense of peace. Here, serenity and elegance converge, and, now – suddenly – anything feels possible. 

Texas Hill Country

Wedding and Event Venue

Infuse your

with natural wonder.

 Two Streams One Heart Ranch is so much more than another pretty Hill Country venue – it’s an immersive nature experience waiting to happen. 



Corporate Retreat

Yoga Retreat

Breathwork Workshop

Weekend Getaway

Intimate Concert

Charity Event



Our Mission

Is to provide a space of natural wonder for exceptional experiences to occur. Guests come to our ranch to connect with one another and with the natural world – but everyone leaves transformed.  With a keen artistic eye and a wealth of design experience, our mother/daughter team works to

provide an expectational level of hospitality for weddings, concerts, events, retreats, weekend getaways, and more. Whether you are planning a wedding or corporate retreat, every detail of the ranch has been carefully curated to leave a lasting impression on your guests. 

At Two Streams One Heart, our guests are welcome to engage with and capture photographs of our four-legged members of the family. 

Our horses are a big part of our family. Even if they’re simply grazing in the pastures, we’ve found that horses seem to have a unique ability to instill peace and joy. We get the pleasure of experiencing it on a daily basis, and that’s why we’re passionate about sharing them with you. On this family-owned equine ranch, people come together to celebrate, heal, and leave inspired by the peace they felt here. 

We share our hearts, our home…
and our horses with you. 

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, the venue team was excellent in their attention to detail and organization as they provided the guidance we needed to ensure a successful event. Come the day of, everyone was extremely helpful and everything went off without a hitch. Words cannot express the beauty of this ranch and venue of Spicewood, TX. It was the perfect place for our wedding and a perfect way to start our marriage. On this family-owned equine ranch, people come together to celebrate, heal, and leave inspired by the peace they felt here."

“Choosing Two Streams One Heart for our wedding venue was one of the best decisions we made throughout our wedding planning process.

We are committed to treating every event we serve with genuine care and personal attention – because that’s exactly how we treat family.


The Only Way We Know How To Do Business

We’re not a corporation, and we’re not secretly owned by Big Business. We’re a family-run business that believes in the healing, grounding, and inspiring power of nature. And, as a family business, we also believe in the power of genuine human-to-human connections. 

Treating you like family

Are you ready to step into a world of              and let your imagination soar?

At Two Streams One Heart, we strive to inspire wonder and ignite creativity in every guest who graces our venue. From the captivating Texas landscape to the calming presence of horses, let our space serve as your canvas for a truly imaginative event. 


Texas Hill Country

Wedding and Event Venue