Our goal has never been to simply give our guests a short-lived escape from their busy lives. Instead, we seek to enrich our guests’ lives – for good. 

Two Streams One HEART

Connect at the heart. 

At Two Streams One Heart, we believe that

Nature Naturally Inspires

With handheld technology and too much time spent indoors, our lives often get caught up in the fast pace of modern day-to-day living and we lose sight of what's important. Fortunately, we’ve found that it often takes only a few moments on our ranch for a natural sense of ease and peaceful feelings to return.

In the way that writers go for a walk in the woods to refresh their thinking, or artists study natural foliage and flowers in the wild to develop fresh color palettes, so too can nature inspire us all. Nature makes us more curious. It increases our sense of wonder. It grounds us. It leads us back to one another – and to what matters most.  

We invite individuals and organizations to our breathtaking equine ranch to witness the harmony of nature, feel the love infused into every corner, and become inspired by the inherently inspiring natural world.  

This isn’t a short break from the chaos.

This is the place where the seeds of joy, love, connection, beauty, inspiration, and unity are planted            so that when you leave, those seeds are carried 

with you.

within you

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Our Mission

To create experiences where guests can connect with one another and with the natural world – so that everyone leaves transformed.

Before opening up the ranch, both of us worked in the design field, so we thrive on curating refreshing event designs that connect nature to luxury. With our collective experience and expertise, we’ve curated a canvas to bring forth your vision in a way that elevates your event.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, intimate concert, corporate event, yoga retreat, weekend getaway, or something else, we want to make it an event that will allow you and your guests to leave feeling both moved and at peace.

As lifelong artists and nature lovers, we love creating memorable experiences that are surrounded by natural beauty and reverberate with heart-warming energy. 


Hi,we’re the mother/daughter team leading Two Streams One Heart Ranch, and we’re so happy you’re here.

Immerse yourself in the serenity of nature and let its profound influence                 with a sense of harmony and wonder. 

Infuse your event

Texas Hill Country

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